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The Geotechnical Division of NCFI polyurethanes (NCFI GEO) provides industry-leading polyurethane systems for a variety of geotechnical applications. NCFI has been a global leader in polyurethane production and design since 1956. NCFI GEO offers contractors the world’s leading offering of Geotechnical Polyurethanes and customer support services. It’s our goal to make sure our contractors are continually operating without interruption and that they are supported in their projects with reliable polyurethane performance and world class customer support.

TerraThane™ Polyurethanes by NCFI are uniquely formulated, plural component systems formulated for a variety of geotechnical applications. Each batch goes through stringent testing and quality assurance standards to ensure reliability in the field.

Our Terra-Lok™ systems are a suite of single-component, low-viscosity polyurethane formulations with excellent soil permeation qualities. The tight rigid foam encapsulates loose soils, increases load bearing capacities and form a solid, water-tight barrier.

Our line of Strata-Fill™ dual component polyurethane systems are formulated for a variety of applications that require low exothermic heat generation for filling large voids and cavities, or building many layers quickly, such as pipeline breakers.


We consider our grouting equipment support and supply services as one of the key services we offer our polyurethane customers. This service is designed to ensure our customers’ projects are kept up and running, to help you through your technical issues and minimize frustration and downtime.

While we take great lengths to offer equipment that performs optimally with our polymers, and an in-house technical support team that is trained on that equipment, our equipment support services is for all of our customers and not limited to just the equipment you happened to purchase through us. It’s just a part of our commitment to providing industry-leading customer support.

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